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We design every space in your house. The decoration and interior design with a touch of originality, helps us vitalize important changes in your home. We develop from consultancies, remodeling projects and interior design, custom furniture.


We provide electrical services to building and commercial construction companies, industrial electrical engineering projects. We also attend emergencies at home. We have qualified and qualified professional staff for each area of ​​electricity in order to provide quality services.


Any large project to be carried out, we are prepared to face it with the professionalism and experience that characterizes us. Do not forget that in GCInnova, all the steps to carry out any project are carried out with guarantee, reliability, seriousness and speed.


  • Floors
  • Mold
  • Fence
  • Crown molding

Renew the floor of your home with the security of a professional job and on time. GCInnova offers you a guaranteed Installation Service. Do not hesitate! We have professionals with a vast experience in the area, solid technical training. The works carried out are of guaranteed quality by the GCInnova specialists.

If you are thinking of decorating the environments of your home, leave the installation of your moldings in expert hands. We offer a Quality Mold Installation Service, installed by qualified specialists, who will take charge of the entire process.

Our works are executed according to technical specifications, which ensure a correct result.

There are many homeowners who take the option of building fences in their homes to provide greater security both to the home and those residing in it, as well as to delimit their land and to reduce noise. These fences generally offer a perfect decoration and style to the outside of the houses, of course, if it is built in a perfect and well-designed way.

It is a large family of moldings that are designed to highlight and decorate the various environments. The crown molding, contains an edge of finishes that can be used on the top or bottom of the walls, as well as on the roofs according to customer’s taste.